Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Recommendations for the Furniture Producers

Enforcement of the rule of law and good governance on timber cutting and trade. Eradicate illegal and rent-seeking behaviors of Forestry Department officials, if such misconduct is proven.

Sustainable raw materials. A plan is needed to create and develop a sustainable source of wood raw materials. Forestry/reforestation programs should ensure a stable source of low cost raw materials, and to the extent possible maintain or improve ecological conditions, enhance the community income and employment, etc.

Product quality. The quality of furniture is determined by professionalism in the handling of raw materials, production techniques and manufacturing process. Due to insufficient skills and facilities, as well as the lack of quality standards and agencies conducting inspections, quality is bound to suffer. Quality enhancement and Standardization is thus needed, and all furniture manufacturers should preferably adhere to the quality management system (ISO).

Design. Creation of easily accessible design libraries in each major furniture cluster of the country would disseminate effectively new designs. The items collected could include trend reports, contemporary design books, consumer magazines, mail-order catalogues, trade publications, raw material samples, etc. Training programs and exchange of foreign designers can be an integral part of this design upgrading.

Human resources. Even if labor force is abundant, lack of technical capabilities can hinder competitiveness. Public support to vocational training for workers in factories is recommendable, in order to reduce direct training expenses of enterprises, and for managers to allow them to professionally grow with their businesses.

Market information. Access to information on market characteristics (for example trends in distribution, retail success stories, and new furniture marketing concepts) and market access (tariff and non-tariff barriers) is often very difficult. It would thus be useful to centralize this information (into Furniture Exporters’ Association level) for regular distribution.

Marketing activities. The furniture industry should focus on marketing activities in key markets (the United States, Japan, the European Union, and the Gulf). A concerted action should include exhibitions; websites; international trade fairs; in-depth market analyses, etc. Special encouragement may be warranted for importers and retailers’ buyer’s groups to visit Pakistani factories or Permanent Exhibition Halls. Marketing efforts in the booming Gulf markets should be intensified.

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Pakistani Saviors said...

I want to know that if we want to expand furniture business (designs), do we have Patent Laws to protect this industry or manufacturer?
You are very true that Lwas and regulation for Timber Mafia are weak and this is damaging business in long run.
Where we or domestic companies stands in International Competition?