Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Company Profile

Holztec Furniture was established in 1996.It is a premier example of contemporary interiors. By conducting market research into the lifestyle of its consumers and through the skilled craftsmanship of its artisans, Holztec has acquired a reputation of excellence amongst its peers in the industry. Currently the company has a sizeable factory (12,000 sq m) located at Green Acres Lahore, Pakistan. The factory is beset by a model house (13,000 sq m) which acts as a showroom for all new products. It is also designed to give artisans the atmosphere to critique their work.

At Holztec we believe in giving our employees the freedom to experiment with new ideas everyday because this keeps the art of creating lifestyles alive. Due to the quality and success of its designs Holztec has proudly expanded to offering customized solutions for interiors of personal aircrafts and even vintage cars.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Imported German Kitchens

Alno is German brand renowned for manufacturing kitchens based on contemporary designs and superlative technology. Alno kitchens symbolize diverse individual lifestyle, modernity and convenience. Alno kitchens are available in three distinctive styles; HOME, COUNTRY, and LIFESTYLE.

Alno believes the kitchen should be a place where you can enjoy all aspects of life. That is why we at Alno don't just make furniture; we create versatile ranges and realistic concepts that allow you to give your kitchens its own personality. People change, and their way of life, architecture and style change with them- and so do ALNO kitchens. 

We create kitchens that you can feel at home in; kitchens where you can cook, eat, live and laugh; kitchens that are designed for living.We as Holztec furniture holds exclusive distributorship of ALNO'S kitchens in Pakistan.

Customized kingdom

Planning with our products means having the flexibility to customize designs according to your needs. With a host of self-manufactured, customizable woodworks, furniture and fittings to chose from, as well as products from industry leading brands such as Siemens, Alno. You have the ability to create an ambiance which reflects your individuality.

Quality is an art that we have perfected. Our family of skilled artisans and workers helps ensure quality of our products, while the use of technology in wood work helps us develop innovative designs and durable, long lasting works of art. Elegant contours, delicate curves and adeptness of our master craftsmen at accentuating the subtleties of design help recognize the true potential of your home.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Ambition

We have developed an environment where teamwork and team play go hand in hand, where each employee works with and looks out for the other and where ideas flow freely between friends to become the powerful bond between colleagues. We believe that our employees will be most productive in a workplace that suits their comfort. For this reason we have set up a café and art gallery within the factory area to encourage a communicative and inspiring environment.

Without quality, design is useless. Holztec furniture is crafted using wood that is tested for sturdiness and strength before being used. Furniture from Holztec is a lifetime investment that never goes out of style. Our dedication to giving our customers the best shines through in the durability of each of our products.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Complete Furniture Solution at the spot

Ist time in Pakistan, there is complete range of home and office furniture available at one place. We believe the feel of being home is a feeling like none other. The joyful warmth of your home tells a thousand stories; stories of hopes, dreams and aspirations of childhood memories and of loved ones. Homes are built with love and dreams ; homes are built with us. Holztec woodwork products are crafted with love and care to ensure your home remains full of life, laughter and happiness.